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608 Million Fixed Capital Increase Landed, Bichamp Accelerated Running in Dual Main Businesses

Release time: 2023-09-27

On the evening of September 26, Bichamp (002843) disclosed the non-public offering of stock issuance and announced that 608 million yuan of fixed increase was completed.

With 608 million yuan of fixed-price matters settled, Bichamp's "sawing + power" double central industry development will be further accelerated.

After deducting the issuance costs, Bichamp of this fixed-price increase to raise 608 million funds will be invested in intelligent sawing and advanced power supply manufacturing in four construction projects and supplement liquidity funds.

Among them, the intelligent sawing field of high-speed steel bimetallic band saw blade production line construction project, carbide band saw blade production line construction project using funds of 98,494,000 yuan, 98,442,100 yuan; advanced power supply manufacturing in the field of new energy power supply and energy storage power supply production base project, research and development center construction project will be used to fund 201,120,000 yuan, 30 million yuan, respectively.