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Meet in Hannover, Bichamp, at EMO Germany!

Release time: 2023-09-21

The biennial European Machine Tool Show (EMO Show) kicked off on September 18th, local time, in the German city of Hanover, Bichamp with a new brand series of products brilliantly appeared in this exhibition, Chairman Hong Fang, Deputy General Manager Feizhou Peng personally visited the booth, and new and old customers good interaction, communication.

In Hall 3 D29 site, a batch audience lingered in the Bichamp booth, in-depth communication of the current domestic and international band saw blade market operations and industry development dynamics, frank exchange of current sawing products in the application of the difficulties and pain points, and said that they will be committed to working together to solve, and deepen the promotion of cooperation. The exhibition team also intended to cooperate with some new customers.

Bichamp exhibited innovative, efficient, economical, and practical band saw blade products during the exhibition. The displayed products include two series of bimetal band saw blades and carbide band saw blades. The staff introduced the series of products in detail so that new and old customers who came to negotiate further understood Bichamp’s scientific research and production strength in sawing.