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Strengthening Cooperation in Southeast Asia! First stop Vietnam

Release time: 2024-06-24


On June 19, the China (Changsha)-Vietnam Economic and Trade Cooperation Promotion Conference was held in Hanoi, Vietnam. The Economic and Trade Delegation of Changsha Municipal People's Government, together with Changsha entrepreneurs and their entourage, carried out in-depth exchanges on strengthening economic and trade ties between Changsha and Southeast Asian countries and exploring opportunities for cooperation between the two sides in the fields of investment, trade, and other areas. Mr. Fang Hong, Chairman and President of Bichamp, was invited to attend the meeting.

In the signing session of Sino-Vietnamese economic and trade cooperation projects, Bichamp reached a cooperation agreement with a Vietnamese bimetal band saw blade business customer. This agreement consolidates the relationship between the two sides in investment, trade, and other areas of cooperation and heralds the deepening and expansion of future collaboration. In recent years, Bichamp has collaborated closely with local agents in the sawing business segment and products and service networks to meet diversified needs. The company's share of the Vietnamese market continues to grow steadily, laying a solid foundation for the company's long-term layout and business expansion in the Southeast Asian market.

This economic and trade cooperation promotion meeting is an integral part of Changsha Municipal People's Government Economic and Trade Delegation's visit to Southeast Asia and a critical step for Taiga to understand the Southeast Asian market and explore cooperation opportunities deeply. Next, Bichamp will follow the delegation to continue to visit Laos, Thailand, and other places, in-depth study of the business model of domestic enterprises in Southeast Asia, to understand the local industrial policy and business environment, and to find more opportunities for industrial cooperation.